Satellite site permitting advice

To conduct a satellite site on public land, you may need to secure a permit. Here are some tips from Bromecast participants who have successfully navigated the process:

  • Reach out directly to the local office (BLM, Forest Service, etc.) to explain the value of the project and exactly what the work entails.

  • Emphasize that the vegetation removal treatment will only be applied to two small plots (less than 2.6 m-squared each).

  • Herbicide application typically requires a form called a PUP to be filled out by someone who is certified to apply the chemicals. However, because Rodeo (glyphosate) is not considered "restricted use" this may not be necessary.

  • We will only use cheatgrass seeds collected from the site, and only a fraction of the collected seeds will be planted back into the site.

  • If possible, see if the experiment can be covered under an existing permit. 

If you have more questions, email Peter, and he will put you in touch with people who can offer advice.