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About BromeCast

We formed this network in 2017 to develop an NSF proposal and (now funded) project designed to test our ability to predict the future trajectory of the B. tectorum invasion in western North America under rapid climate change. The idea is to test the predictive value of information about genetic variation, competitive interactions, and phenology/physiology. We have modeled BromeCast on existing research networks such as the Nutrient Network. Participants will contribute seeds and demographic observations from their local sites in return for involvement on synthetic manuscripts and access to the complete data set.

Bromecast network ground rules


If you are interested in joining the network, contact us!

Principal investigators

Peter Adler, Utah State University

Dana Blumenthal, USDA-ARS (CO)

Cynthia Brown, Colorado State University

Matt Germino, USGS (ID)

Mevin Hooten, Colorado State University

Ruth Hufbauer, Colorado State University

Rebecca Hufft, Denver Botanic Gardens

Jesse Lasky, Penn State University

Elizabeth Leger, University Nevada Reno

Lauren Porensky, USDA-ARS (CO)


We currently have more than 40 participants representing universities, NGO's, and government research and land management agencies in the United States and Canada.

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